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Everyone else has a web site these days, so I figured, why not me, too?

Hey I us this site to show you water polo picture's, the rules and much more.

Water polo, A sport that involes tactical thinking along with the will to do better and the ability to kick someones butt always comes in handy.

Love always

We hope to update this page often with new photos. Let me know what you think.

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

here I would have a picture of myself here but My daddy would be very angry if I did so I put a pretty hula girl



Water polo rules 2000-2001

THe objective of water polo is to get the ball in the cage. THe cageis the goal. There are 14 people in the water at one time 2 goalies (one for each team) and 6 people in the field on each side. At the start of the game the to teams line up on there side of the pool and the referree blows the wistle, the two teams swim at each other and who ever gets the ball 1stswims it to the other side and tries to score.

This is me after throwing a ball at valleys Im a goalie there for I have the red cap with the # 1 on it.

This is me Im a goalie

This picture show how phisical water polo can be
AS you can see it looks like #7 there is almost on top of #14


This is an illegal move right there, See how her hand is on top of the ball and shes pushing it under. That is also known as ball under which would be a turnover. In this case though she would not get called for it becasuse no one is attacking her. If some one attacked her she would get a foul called


In this picture # 11 is calling for the ball this is ver important in waterpolo makeing your voice heard. SO YELL


This is not a very good picture but...This is a warm up you "WALK" up and down the polo with your hands out of the water and your chins out.


In this picture the girl who is shooting has nice body position, but the Goalie has her hips up. if you are a goalie pretend like your up against a board. If your hips are up your hands are down, in the water which will make it harder to get to the ball.



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