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goalie drills warms and more


For the goalies it's a little different do about a 100 swim then a 100 breststroke kick then 100 triple kick. THen your ready to "walk"(eggbeater up and down the pool) do a 50 forward then 50 side to side. Then you ready for BALLS


Get a weight trainning ball and walk up and down the pool with you partner throwing the ball over your head for a 50 then pass with your left hand to thier right thier right to your right hand to thier left there left to your left and so one and so forth. After that get a regular weighted start passing and slowly work to passing all the way across the pool. Then you start knock downs, this is were you throw the ball from 4 meters apart at each other as hard as you can and you "knock" the ball "down" to your stomach. This WILL hurt the 1st time you do it but trust me it will help.

1st step

Now all of those drill will come in handy when you get in the cage. When you are playing and the players comes up to shoot wait.......... stay in the water until you see them shoot watch the ball meet your hands.

2nd step your going to get hurt

The next thing you need to remember is that if your going to be a goalie you are going to get hit in the face over an over and over your going to have to learn to take it. after a while you will get used to it and it wont hurt that much.

your body position is very important you must have your...........

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